Top 7 Spring Activities that should not miss

WOOOOH!!!! A season of love and a symbol of rebirth -Spring season has knocked on our doors. Then why sit at home with your fur friend and get bored? Aren’t you tired of sitting at home for the whole winter? This is the time to refill yourself and your buddy with new energy. So here comes my and canine’s favorite 7 must-do activities for this spring season. The activities are as follows:

 1. Plan a Shopping Date 

During this time of the year, you can take your dog shopping for any kind of stuff such as fetch toys, rope toys, chew toys, dog puzzles, comfort toys/ soft toys, etc. You can even buy special treats for your dog for making your life more joyful as a token of love to them in the way you give gifts to your beloved.

dog shopping day

2. Arrange a Photoshoot

Pictures are memories and are with you forever as a memory. For a perfect shoot, all you need is ideal lighting and a good quality camera that we all have in today’s time. You can even arrange a photo shoot for your furry buddy, not an expensive affair you can even get your dog captured in your local park as the spring season come along with its beauty.

beagle photoshoot

3. Play some games

Random games are the most lovable activities for your dog. you can even plan to play games such as sneak and pea, tug of war, and even play with a frisbee, play finder treat and there is an endless number of games that you can play with your canine.

Dog playing

4. Teach new things

Spring is that season of the year when your canine naturally gets a strong ability to learn new things. At this time you can provide training to your furry babe and even you can teach new things to them and they can learn it very quickly. I did this with my pup and observe that my pup learned new tricks in less time.

puppy training
A dog following the training command.

5. Go for Roadtrip

You can plan a road trip with your furry friend. Pro tips you should keep in your mind while packing your dog bags the bag must contain your dog’s food, water, toys, utensils, and even some of their grooming tools. 

Drive with dog

6. Swimming 

You can even take your canine swimming. It strengthens your dog’s heart and lungs even boosts their metabolism and help improve circulation throughout the body. swimming against the force of water helps to improve the health of your canine even strengthens the muscles in the best manner and makes them feel happy.

swimming dog

7. Schedule an Agility Course

Agility is a good form of exercise for dogs. In agility, your dog has to pass through several obstacles that boost your dog’s bones and joints. It even prevents your dog from obesity and adds this it even provides a lot of fun to your canine.  

australian shepherd playing